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Massages are availiable Friday & Saturday. Special appointments can be made for weekday and Sunday appointments if they are at least an hour.
Kayla will specifically design each massage session with the client's goals in mind. She has an variety of session times & add-ons to choose from. Gift certificates, referral discounts & packages are just a few of the other perks.

What else can you expect a FIT® Bodywrap to do? Take a look:

  1. Flush away toxins, pollution and heavy metals.
  2. Improve circulation and the rate of metabolism.
  3. Improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

ELITE LEVEL: The Affinity 950 Ultra Power comes has outstanding tanning performance and comfort features. It is a 12 minute bed with 20 high-pressure lamps on top, and 19 turbo power UV lamps in the bottom to give a deep and long-lasting tan. It has facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and a high quality stereo system!

DIAMOND LEVEL: The Soltron XL-70 Chill has ultra bronzing bulbs and high pressure facials.  This 12 minute bed also has a neck tanner, shoulder tanner, two air condition systems, and an upper and lower body fan.  Stay cool in the Soltron XL-70!

PLATINUM LEVEL: This 12 minute bed has ultra bronzing bulbs and high pressure facials. Also has a built in air condition underneath the acrylic so you do not get hot when you tan.

GOLD LEVEL: The Viper VHR's dome shape allows the maximum amount of room during tanning. It has more bulbs and higher wattage than the 20 minute bed.
SILVER LEVEL: This is our basic 20 minute bed.

One of our certified consultants will hand airbrush a custom tan based on your skin color. Our solution has no orange hues, and looks extremely natural on all skin types.


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