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Fit Body Wrap

Sunlimited Tanning Salon offers the NEW Fit Body Wrap!

Fit Body Wraps are the newest way to loose inches while banishing cellulite quickly, easily, and EFFORTLESSLY!

During every Fit Body Wrap sessions, our clients enjoy the luxuries of Netflix, Youtube, and Pandora, in a comfortable private room. Massages are available during your session. We guarantee your experience will be rejuvenating!

Sunlimited Customer Testimonials:

"I try to do them once or twice a week. I absolutely love them! Our wrap is very different from any other. It is a new technology, and we are currently the only ones in the state that have it. Everything is private, which is nice. You do not have to disrobe in front of anyone or have them wrap you. Because the wrap uses infrared heat, you are able to burn calories. These calories can stay off permanently if you maintain it. You are also loosing water weight, and detoxifying your body. The infrared heat can help with joint and muscle pain, as well as help the elasticity of your skin and reduce cellulite. My son is going to turn 3 in July, and I have had the hardest time loosing weight. Once I started doing the wrap, I saw the weight come off. I lost 15 lbs and have seen a tremendous difference with stretch marks. My body also feels better. I personally use it as a time to relax and have some peace." :-) -Tiffany

"The fit wrap has made a huge impact on my overall wellness.  The past six weeks I have been laying in it every three days.  My sciatic nerve pain is gone, my energy levels have skyrocketed and not to mention 7 pounds melted away!  I could not imagine going back to the days of not having it in my routine."-Amy

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