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Ger Ready For Summer Season

Tips for Getting Yourself Bikini-Ready

With summer just around the corner, you might be enjoying the hot weather and getting your body swim-ready. Reaching for those weights at home or hightailing it to the gym could help, but with a year of spending lots of time indoors due to the pandemic, you might want a little extra boost to help you get there. 

Sunlimited Tanning and Day Spa can be a one-stop-shop for your full-body swimsuit prep. Find out how tanning, body toning, and skincare can help you usher in the long-awaited summer with joy. 

Body Tone

Going to the gym is great, but if you want extra cut muscles, you might benefit from our Body Tone procedure. Our three-phase Body Toning treatment sends bioptic impulses through multiple various waveforms to replicate the effects of an intense workout. You get to relax in our pristine Day Spa environment while your muscles flex and contract with the help of the treatment. 

The Body Toning treatment can help reduce fat and provide a more sculpted muscle structure. The procedure is non-invasive, requires no downtime, and only takes 30 minutes.


You can’t plan on sprucing yourself up for the summer and ignore a very important part – your face! Preparing your skin for the summer months with a facial that’s tailored to your needs is a must and can help you achieve that effortless summer glow.  

A Dermaplaning facial can help remove dead cells from the skin’s surface and eliminate fine hairs. It can also improve acne scars as well as tone and texture. 

And keep some of our other skincare procedures like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser treatments in mind for the fall. They do wonders in reducing sun damage and help get rid of sunspots. 


One of the summer’s perks is that it gives us a healthy glow. Let’s face it – almost everybody looks better tan. But if you are not careful, the first rays of the hot summer sun can give you a burn and cause some serious skin damage. 

Preparing your skin for sun exposure in a professional setting with one of our tanning beds can give you a good base tan and prevent future sunburn. Additionally, it turns out UV tanning can provide people with much-needed vitamin D and improves mood and appearance. We offer a variety of tanning bed options that can be custom suggested to you by our professional staff and which you can enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere.  

Our UV Tanning Beds use fluorescent bulbs that emit UV light and create a sunkissed look on the skin. 

The KBL 7000 Tanning Bed offers three different levels of tanning. You can also enjoy its air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, aqua mist breeze, and pleasant aromas. 

Our Open Sun 1050 Bed uses reflector and filter glass technologies for a powerful yet light and breeze tanning experience. Don’t forget to check out this bed’s MP3 player connection, LED display control panel, and Multi Relax acrylic. 

Making sure you feel happy with yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. And here at Sunlimited Tanning Salon and Day Spa, we are committed to helping you feel and look your very best. 

Sunlimited Tanning & Day Spa: Premier Skincare Services in Little Rock, AR

Visit us today to get a jump start on your summer body prep. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 501-747-2070 or click here.

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