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Increase Muscle Tone & Burn Fat

Our 3-phase body toning treatment uses bioptic impulses through a series of various waveforms to replicate the effects of an intense workout by flexing and contracting your muscles. The effects of this treatment result in a more sculpted muscle structure and fat reduction.

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The 3-Phase Body Toning System

Phase 1: Warm-up

The 1st phase of the treatment mimics a pre-workout routine as the device warms up.

Phase 2: Muscle Toning

In the 2nd phase, the body toning device increases intensity and improves muscle definition and shape.

Phase 3: Workout

In the 3rd phase, the body toning device reaches full intensity as it breaks down & rebuilds muscle for increased mass.

Check out these fantastic body toning results

Many people struggle to achieve the defined muscle structure they want.
Our system provides results beyond what you can get by going to the gym every day.

A Woman Wearing A Dress A Woman Wearing A Dress
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Benefits of our body contouring laser treatment







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