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Say Goodbye to Waxing & Shaving

Our laser hair removal at our Little Rock, AR spa are the most effective hair removal solutions available for all skin types. We remove unwanted body hair for a permanent reduction in growth and for more delicate hair in the targeted areas.

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Focus Areas for Laser Hair Removal


Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair and inhibits the growth of hair in the area. The hair that regrows is finer, and there is less of it. You may need to have touch up treatments throughout the year, but you will be thrilled with the results.

Most people express little or no discomfort during the laser hair removal process.

Most people see maximum results after four or five treatments. If you have a lot of hair in the target area, you may need more sessions to get the results you really want. However, once you complete your sessions, you will be able to enjoy life without waxing and shaving!

Check Out These Real Results for Laser Hair Removal

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