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Want a whiter smile?

Our teeth whitening service can whiten and brighten your teeth up to 8 shades in a single session. It is a quick and easy way to whiten your teeth. It is completely safe. To help your new smile stay white, we provide the Blu Minerals sealant. This will protect your teeth against damage and yellowing. With a combination of convenience and amazing results in just 45 total minutes you’re sure to leave with a whiter smile from ear to ear.

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Amazing Teeth Whitening Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in learning more about teeth whitening? Read some of our frequently asked questions.

Each customer receives their own kit. Included is a mouthpiece you will place into your mouth. We then position the L.E.D. light about 1 inch away from the mouth while the blue LED light is shined on the tray which activates the Carbamide Peroxide and accelerates the whitening process. The light opens the pores of the teeth and allows the gel to bleach the stains. Then we apply the Blu Minerals sealant. This will seal the pores to prevent sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages. This sealant only takes 10-minutes and will increase your enamel strength.

Simply put, Yes! The gels do not damage enamel and only bleach the color of the dentin giving white teeth. There are no harsh chemicals or products applied to the teeth. If you have tooth decay or other damage you should ask you professional dental assistance for advice first. The product is not applicable on porcelain or veneer teeth. 

You’re never fully dressed without a smile; let us help you love yours!

Walk-ins & Regular Memberships: $130

Legendary Memberships: $103

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